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David C Essey


David C. Essey has a strong background in both construction management and finance.  David developed a fundamental understanding of construction technology during his high school and college years while working for a custom home builder, as a carpenter, and later as an integral part of the management team.  David earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, with a major in structural design and construction, from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1984.  After graduating from the number one ranked engineering school in the United States, David joined C.L. Peck Contractor (now known as Peck/Jones Construction), the largest privately help contractor in California.  David spent two years in the estimating department, and then went on to manage a variety of projects over the next five years, including high-rise office buildings, shopping centers, airports, and residential projects, among others.

In 1989, David joined Century West Development, a Santa Monica based, multi-family developer, where he was intimately involved with both development and construction management activities. David successfully completed both residential and commercial projects including a $25 million, six-story office building, a $15 million four-story mixed-use project, and an $8 million four-story residential project, among others.  During the early 1990’s David formed his own construction company, Essey Construction Company (LC#566045), targeting commercial, industrial and residential projects.

David attended UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Business where he earned a masters degree in real estate, finance and strategy.  Upon graduating for UCLA, David joined an investment banking firm in their real estate private placement and structured finance department.  He was quickly recruited by one of the largest financial institution in the world, and the second largest institution in Japan, The Industrial Bank of Japan.  David worked on a wide variety of real estate related debt and equity financing.

Recently, David has constructed a number of residential projects and has been a leader in the development of mixed-use projects.  Increasingly, cities such as Santa Monica and Pasadena are encouraging mix-use applications.  The construction of these projects is a specialty because it requires both commercial-class construction knowledge and knowledge of the less formal residential construction methods.  Typically, urban projects construct a below-grade parking structure.  This requires sophisticated knowledge of geotechnical engineering and shoring techniques.  The parking structure itself is similar to many major projects utilizing concrete and steel construction.  The residential construction portion is typically wood framing, a down and dirty construction methodology which is only learned through experience.

David has been able to combine his ability to analyze markets (learned while working in the investment banking field), his knowledge of financial modeling (learned in graduate school), and his construction expertise (learned in the field) to effectively find viable projects and successfully develop and construct them.

Richard Tyndall

Vice President of Operations

Richard L. Tyndall, VP Field Operations, has over 35 years of experience in both residential and commercial construction.  His experience is fundamental.  He was trained in the field in concrete work and structural framing.  As he gained experience he moved to field foreman and later to supervisor.  Mr. Tyndall is currently Vice-President of Field Operations for Essey Construction Company, Inc., where he has been responsible for over $45,000,000 of construction and has managed crews as large as fifty men.  His accomplishments include the completion of projects ranging in size from $3,000,000 to $15,000,000.  He has taken projects from foundation to finish.

Mr. Tyndall’s projects include a 40-unit, seven story, Type-III condominium project over a three level below-grade parking structure locate in Los Angeles, CA and a 40-unit, five-story, Type-V condominium project over a three level below-grade garage located in Pasadena, CA.  In addition, Mr. Tyndall’s experience includes shopping center remodels, retail store construction and single family residences


Prior to joining Essey Construction Company, Inc. in 2000, Mr. Tyndall owned and operated a general contracting business specializing in high-end finish work.  He has built strong relations with our subcontractors and enjoys the camaraderie of work with owners, bankers and design professionals.  Mr. Tyndall graduated from Eagle Rock High School in 1973 and built houses for Unicef in Indonesia for 5 years.

Choiwan Hin, JD

Chief Financial Office

Choiwan Hin has over 10 years experience in construction accounting and risk management.  She is intimately involved with risk management and financial controls for Essey Construction Company including handling bond and insurance issues.  Choiwan holds a Judus Doctorate degree and has extensive experience in construction accounting.  She handles all legal issues.

Samuel Estrella

Senior Concrete Operations Manager

Samuel Estrella, Foreman, has over 30 years of experience in the concrete and masonry construction industry.

His experience includes the following types of construction:

  • Cast-in-Place Concrete

  • Pre-Cast Construction

  • Tilt-Up Construction

  • Post-Tension Slab Construction

  • Shotcrete

  • Structural Masonry

  • Specialty, Finish Work & Decorative Concrete

The following is a representative list of projects Mr. Estrella has worked on:

  • Wilshire Blvd. Office Building with Parking 

    • 3 ½ Level Below-Grade Garage – Cast-in-Place

    • 4 Level Composite Deck System Above Grade

  • 300 Unit Burbank Apartment Building

    • 1 Level Below-Grade Garage – Cast-in-Place

    • 1 Level Podium – PT Construction

  • 200 Unit South Central Los Angeles Apartment Building, Low-Income

    • 1 Level Below-Grade Garage – Cast-in-Place

    • 1 Level Podium – Cast-in-Place

  • 8 Individual Projects Playa Vista, Apartment Buildings

    • 25,000 sf to 35,000 sf Parking Garages

    • Constructed on Piles

    • Methane Matts & Liquid Boot

    • Matt Slabs

    • Podium Construction Over Semi-Subterranean Garage

  • Santa Monica Mixed-Use Building at 6th Street & Santa Monica

    • 3 1/2 Level Below-Grade Garage – Cast-in-Place

    • 1 Level Podium – Cast-in-Place

  • 48 Unit Sepulveda Apartment Building

    • 1 Level Below-Grade Garage, 18 ft Deep– Cast-in-Place

    • 1 Level Podium – Cast-in-Place

Prior to joining ROCK HARD CONCRETE CO. Mr. Estrella worked for JYG Concrete for 2 ½ years as a foreman and CALX Construction for 11 years as a foreman.  In addition, Mr. Estrella worked for Wind Jammers Construction for 5 years as a foreman.  Sammy is knowledgeable in all aspects for the concrete and masonry business and has built a strong network of suppliers and support.

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